Smart Intake & Lead Capture

SILC is the smart intake department your immigration law firm needs to capture the leads that grow your business. Our intake services are the best in the industry.


Let’s talk business processes. What is your procedure when a new potential client (a lead) calls your office and wants to schedule a consult with you? Do you have conversion experts ensuring you make the most of that lead?


You’ve done the work – you have a web site, your SEO
has you at the top of the list for organic results, you’re
paying the premium for Google PPC for those top
spots, you have killer Google reviews, slick engaging
social media, you have a YouTube channel, you have
danced on Tik Tok, you are being interviewed on news
channels, you have bus stops, magazine Ads, billboards,
the phone is ringing! Of course it is – you’re an
immigration attorney!

So now what happens?

Who is answering your phones? What are they saying? What’s the conversation like? How do they decide if that new potential client should make it on your calendar?

Who is answering the phone in your office and talking to leads?

1. A receptionist with very little experience and little to no immigration knowledge?

2. An experienced team member? What happens if they
get sick or leave? How do you replace that institutional
knowledge without a legal intake specialist?

3. You? You’re the attorney. What happens if you’re in
court, or at a USCIS interview, or on the phone with the
deportation officer, or after hours at your kids practice,
or at dinner with your better half?  Do you have a life?  Is
this sustainable?

Not every lead CAN make your calendar.
Not every lead SHOULD make your calendar.
Your calendar is the most valuable real estate and resource there is. Once it is used up, it is gone… forever.
Only leads that have relief to cases that you want should make your calendar. Full stop.
ONLY the best leads should go on your calendar. So how do you make sure that happens? Is just charging a consult fee enough of a screening? How do you screen, filter, or score the leads?


Better intakes, better consults, better cases.
That is how you build the law practice you want.

Our conversion experts have developed SILC – Smart Intake & Lead Capture – a service to help you ensure you get the best leads on your calendar. Developed by an experienced immigration attorney, SILC provides our intake specialists a smart tool that scores each lead before they ever make your calendar.


We Are

We Can


They call. They email. They DM. They text. They chat. They are waving you down at the deli in Publix (“una preguntita abogado?”) How many of these leads are you capturing? How many people do you have answering the phones, checking emails, replying to social media messages, and your website chats? How long is your team taking on the phone? How long does it take your team to do an intake and get them on the calendar? Use our team to help you capture all those leads you have paid your cold hard cash to create.


SILC is an immigration specific developed smart form used by our intake specialists. Our Intake Specialists would function as your firms intake department. They are constantly being trained in immigration law and only do immigration intakes. They are empathetic and bilingual and are ready to listen to your clients, ask smart questions and the smart form leads them through all those follow up questions that need to occur. Finally, our secret sauce is that we score each answer. This gives your law firm the data it needs to decide if this lead should actually make it to your calendar.


What percentage of your consults are you signing up now? Be honest? Do not drink your own Kool-Aid. What does the actual data say? Do you have data? You are spending your cold hard cash on advertising – you have paid for those leads – how many are you actually capturing and then how many are actually retaining your services? By only calendaring the best leads, you will have better consults which will lead to an improved retention rate.


You only have so many spots on your calendar for consults. That exclusive real estate cannot be filled with random leads – you cannot leave this up to chance – even if they are willing to pay your consult fee – that is not smart enough. The number of open slots will vary from month to month so you need to make sure the consults on your calendar have an excellent chance of retaining. Set yourself up for success – do not leave it to chance. You can control this. You can control the type of cases you want and the type of law practice you want. You need to make sure your calendar is making you money.


SILC will compile an incredible amount of data. How many intakes does your firm perform a month? What are the quality of those leads? SILC will provide both a raw score and 5 star rating for each intake. How many 5 stars are you retaining? 4 Stars? 3 stars? Where are your leads actually coming from? Word of Mouth? Existing Clients? Google? Facebook? Your Website? Which zip codes? What type of cases are looking for you? Removal? Asylums? Marriage Adjustments? Naturalizations? Waiver cases? You will have an incredible amount of data to mine and find out if your advertising is creating the leads you want and where you should put your dollars.

Ready to use the best legal intake answering service?