The USCIS Citizenship Test App

Have a fully branded citizenship test app for your clients to study for the U.S. citizenship exam.

Connecting to Your Law Firm
The citizenship app will not only be branded for your law firm, but also provide links to your website, social media, and YouTube channels.  As well as providing contact information such as phone numbers, addresses, and email contacts.

Citizenship Test App
The citizenship test app can help prepare your clients for both the U.S. Civics portion and the English proficiency portion of the citizenship test. Our citizenship test app will help your clients feel fully prepared to succeed on their citizenship test. By including a naturalization app in your service offerings, you will help set yourself apart from other immigration attorneys.

Civics Portion
On the app your clients will see practice questions organized into three main categories: civics, history, and geography. They can unlock additional questions as they review. The USCIS citizenship test app provides the questions in English and Spanish. The citizenship test app will keep track of the last questions reviewed.

The app provides for self-quizzing by randomly pulling from the 100-question bank, allowing the your client to regularly test their progress and see whether they have achieved the passing rate of 6 out of 10.

Reading, Writing, & Speaking English
On your citizenship test app, your client will be able to listen to ten different messages, write what they heard, and click “Show the Answer” to see how they did. Similarly, they can use the app to record themselves reading English aloud, and they can compare what they recorded to the app’s pre-recorded samples. Anyone who regularly utilizes the citizenship test app will be prepared for success. Contact our team today to see all of the features the naturalization app offered by your law firm can offer clients.